Group Training

You love to sing in the chorus yet have the feeling that your voice is somehow ‘different’ and less than optimum than when you sing alone.

You find yourself getting vocally tired faster when you sing with your group.

Your chorus lacks a consistent and balanced sound quality.

The group dynamic in your choir is often stressful to the detriment of your own voice.

You have trouble singing forte or piano (or both), especially in the higher registers.

The distinction between internal reference and external reference is critical for singing in an ensemble! Healthy and authentic ensemble singing is an art form! Viable techniques for non-solo singing in a chorus or in an opera ensemble are learnable.

Develop the optimum habits to effortlessly switch between solo and ensemble singing and keep your voice healthy and pliable. Voice lessons at Musa Vocalis enable you to understand your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses.

Discover alone or with your group how fulfilling ensemble singing can be.

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